Shipping & Returns

100% Money back Guarantee. Your money is always safe.

 Return shipping paid by us. so, if you do not like any purchase, you can return it at our cost. you will not spend a single penny unless you are happy with your puchase.
30 days inspection period.
YES ! you get 30 days to decide whether to keep the purchase or not.
Lab certificate, appraisals and other related services.
Free shipping every day and every time.
You will never pay for postage.
Jewelry Manufacturing -
you can ask us to make jewelry for any diamond/gemstone you have purchase. plus, you can always ask us for custom made jewelry. we have our own factory and deliver you jewelry at very reasonable prices.
Goods procurement -
you can forward your requirement to us and we shall find the goods for you. we have offices/affiliates in each and every major city. we can help you find whatever you need.
Friendly business -
you can consider us more like friends/partners. after a few businesses you will understand that we are more interested to do more and more business with you. our philosopy is "big turnover - low profits". we earn a little from big trade.
Safe online SSL secure payment method.